November 1, 2013

New Place: The Layout

This is my quickie floor plan on the new place. It's pretty big for just myself! Overall I like the open connection between the living and dining room, which makes it feel like one big room, and there's lots of storage. Being on the third floor also means I get tons of light, and the apt has fabulously tall ceilings (which is now a must-have for me) and nice hardwood floors. Plus I get to use the front tiny bedroom as a studio/guest room!

The cons: the kitchen and the bathroom. the kitchen has minimal counter space, no drawers (!) and a crappy floor. The bathroom has no medicine cabinet - instead someone glued huge pieces of mirror on the walls, and there's only one towel bar.

Basically, it's a huge, nice apartment for a great price that has some unfortunate "quirks" - but I have some ideas on how to remedy a few of them!

Next up - a photo tour!

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October 27, 2013

I'm Back. I Think. Yes.

I'm not sure I even meant to take the summer off, it just sort of happened. I got busy having summer adventures with my friends, got even busier helping a friend with her wedding decorations, and then got miserable packing and moving.

I left my JP apartment of seven years (seven years!) and moved into a new place in a new neighborhood. It's settled down somewhat, but it was really tough for me to move, emotionally and logistically - seven years means a LOT of accumulated memories as well as the truly stupendous amount of stuff that I had accumulated. I have been trying to buy a home or condo, but it was been slow going. Last year I did actually make an offer on a little house in Dedham that I LOVED (and still daydream about) but the owner decided not to sell. It was a blow, and nothing I've looked at has felt that good. Plan A was to buy something and move out of the JP apt into my fabulous new house!! NOPE. Plan B became finding the cheapest/biggest place I can afford to finally live alone in, and then keep looking for something to buy. But who knows when that will be......

So. Here I am in my new place, it's been two months and I've done some things, and made some lists, and that brings me back to the blog. I have to admit that it was a nice break to not feel the pressure to be documenting my life or trying to be fabulously entertaining and creative! BUT I'm also newly energized about the new place....mostly. I'm struggling with an I don't want to stay here forever, but I don't know when I'm going to leave, so how much time and effort do I spend decorating/improving? problem. For now I've decided to make some what I consider necessary to my happiness improvements, as well as some decorating without going overboard or spending too much money.

So I've decided to blog about what that looks like - working my way through the projects on my list in a new apartment!


PS - Will also be sharing the amazing wedding I helped with over the summer!

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May 7, 2013

Serious Shopping: Saturday

Oh boy - have you seen the SATURDAY line from Kate Spade? Housewares, Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Paper Goods and more - at prices that don't scare me! I already ordered a new bag.........

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May 5, 2013

Seattle Visit

I recently had the privilege of visiting a very dear friend out in Seattle. I only had four days to see this fantastic city, and we made the best of it! I couldn't get over how lush and beautiful the pacific northwest is - such amazing trees and modest, carefully maintained bungalows and well designed townhouses and condos. I would absolutely live there if it wasn't so far from friends and family.

Before I left I hunted around for some suggestions of what to see and do, and this guide from the Tea & Cookies blog helped tremendously!

View from the Space Needle!

I loved the Dale Chihuly exhibit - like being in Wonderland!

You can get a discounted ticket if you purchase for both the Space Needle and the Chihuly exhibit.
They're both worth it!

The famous Public Market of course.

Dinner at the Walrus and Carpenter - Shellfish heaven. This is one of those great restaurants that you wish you could linger all night....

(Barbie Wigs!) Excellent junk shopping in the Snohomish area, bought a lot of adorable vintage hankies.

View of the Space Needle at Volunteer Park

Ballard Farmer's Market - veggies for dinner!

Lovely long walk through Discovery Park

Drinks and pinball at the Unicorn (early before the party crowd got going).

Relaxing Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island

Super fun Underground Tour, Seattle has a fascinating, strange history.

And of course, amazing coffee from Vivace!

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April 9, 2013

Quivver Shop: Closed

I started Quivver two years ago on Valentine's day, and have had a blast making and selling my arrows, but alas - things change and I'm having a hard time making time to get any finished!

I've got some new activities and projects I'd like to focus on and I didn't want to leave folks hanging - whenever will she refill the shop? It's better I'm honest with myself and acknowledge that it's time to close up and move on.

A HUGE thank you to anyone who purchased an arrow or threw me a mention!

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March 18, 2013

design by conran at jcp

I am in LOVE with these two lamps over at the design by conran shop at jcpenny's! I love the shapes, the wood accents and they're white! I ave no idea what the quality standards are, but I might just have to buy one and see!

They've also just launched a Jonathan Adler shop as well, though I wasn't as excited about the line as I thought I would be...

"Beep" Floor Lamp

"Beep" Table Lamp

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March 14, 2013

Union Square Donuts on WBUR!

My friends over at Union Square Donuts are on WBUR's YouTube Channel - Congrats to Dawnielle, Heather and Josh!!! And Megan, and other girl I don't  know!

One month and you guys are doing awesome!

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March 11, 2013

My Bedroom Retreat Contest Entry

So I've thrown my hat into the ring on Apartment Therapy - I've entered the My Bedroom Retreat contest! Help a girl out and throw a "favorite" my way? Pretty Please???? I'll vote for you!

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February 19, 2013

Bow Ties!

You'd think by now I'd be an ace at documenting my little projects for this blog, but sometimes I'm too focused on what I'm doing and forget to take cute pictures and am forced to take iphone snaps in a restaurant under poor lighting. when will I learn?

Anyway, I made these three adorable cotton bow ties for a dear friend's birthday. Based on the excellent (and free!) David pattern from BurdaStyle, with a few modifications, they came out great!

Since I didn't know my friend's exact neck size I wanted and adjustable tie, but I couldn't find the exact hardware the pattern called for, so I used Vest Buckles which worked out just fine and were easy to sew on. I also only interfaced the bow section of the tie, not the neck piece which made them much easier to turn inside out and I figured that portion was under the shirt collar anyway.

(Sorry for the crappy phone pics!)

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February 14, 2013

Donuts! Get Some!

For all you local Boston area folks - don't forget to head over to Union Square Donuts, opening today in Union Square, Cambridge. Started by some dear friends and masterful kitchen wizards - you won't be disappointed! 201 Somerville Ave!!

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