December 15, 2006

My Upcycle Contest Entry

Pretty damn swanky if i do say do myself - Visit Etsy to see the other entries into the contest.

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December 14, 2006

Baggitty Baggitty

Two, count 'em TWO - new virtuoso bags in my Etsy shop. Go see!

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Idle Hands - Pollack Pollack

Nothing new to post at the moment, but if you've got time to waste - check out this Jackson Pollack simulator by Miltos Manetas:

Click your mouse to get colored "paint". Enjoy....

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December 6, 2006

Boston Sunset Photo

I just had to try to capture the sunset out my office window today - here's a crappy shot with my phone. If you're in Boston right now (4:27) - find a window!!

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Hmmm...Etsy Competitor?

I stumbled across this site called Big Cartel, which appears to be very similar to Etsy, though more focused on Band Merch and the like. It has some nice features though, I like the customizable shop appearance and the ability to generate Gift Certificates through Paypal. It's set up as more of an independent store - no obvious links to Big Cartel, your shop is it's own entity. It doesn't have the community touchy-feely thing like Etsy, but has some interesting ideas. Here's a link to their blog.

Something to think about............

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December 5, 2006

Hurray! I'm in an Etsy Tresury List!

My first Treasury listing for a few days courtesy of Ana Romero! (Check out her shop) The Little House bag is featured, and it's one of my favorites, too. Hopefully I'll gain some more exposure.

On a second note, I finally got a new digital camera and have redone all of my product shots, so they look more professional. I still need to work on the correct lighting, but I'm getting there.

AND, I'm finalizing some new patterns in Illustrator for a hat, small pouch, and a different bag shape - I'm trying to make something triangular......

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November 28, 2006

New Wristlets!

Two new wristlets completed for my Etsy store! (Two more on the way!)

Ug...I really need a new digicam and better lighting......

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November 21, 2006

Moon Colony Razorblade

Sadly, Moon Colony Razorblade in Jacksonville is no more! I had been selling a few bags there, thanks to Blanca, and was looking forward to selling more. Alas, I will have to find another retail venue. Anyhow, I finally got pictures together of the bags that I was selling there. I tried taking them indoors, and the quality isn't too great....

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November 20, 2006

Letterpress Love

Yesterday I had the grestest workshop with Rob Charlton of The Goosefish Press here in Boston. I learned the whole process and made some cards (pics soon). If you live in Boston and are interested in learning about letterpress - I highly recommend Rob, The workshops are limited to 2 people, giving you ample time to print you own project and ask lots of questions. Once you've take a workshop you can rent press time for your own projects (when Rob has the time).

I'm now combing ebay for a tabletop press....

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November 15, 2006

The Children's Hospital

I haven't devoured a book this excitedly since Infinite Jest. I completely lost all track of time (and space), and read most of it in one sitting. Go to the McSweeney's Store and buy a copy - it'll be well worth the $20.

The Children's Hospital by Chris Adrian.

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October 24, 2006

"Please take the pumpkins home!"

The best part (besides the hilarious mis-shapen jack o'lanterns) of the Pumpkin Fest was one of the organizers walking through the crowd with a bullhorn imploring everyone to take one home, please. The second best was a latte and canoli afterwards on Charles Street.

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Finally some new stock for my etsy store

I finally got myself organized and have 4 new bags for my Etsy store!! I also completed 5 others that I shipped to Jacksonville Florida to sell at Moon Colony Razorblade, so if you're in Jax - stop by and take a look.

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September 8, 2006

Tappan Falls

Last weekend my friends Dawnielle, Kevin and I hiked to these falls outside of Northville, NY, while staying at my dad's lakehouse on The Great Sacanadaga Lake. It was muddy and rainy, but absolutely worth it.

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August 23, 2006

Bazaar Bizarre

Pequitobun and i have teamed up and applied to have a table at Bazaar Bizarre at the Cyclorama in Boston on December 16th. Hopefully we will be accepted, but I'm attending regardless - you should too!

Sherry of Pequitobun makes the best jewelry north of the Charles! Visit her etsy store!

9/8/06 - Sadly, Pequitobun and I did not get chosen. Boooooooo.

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August 11, 2006

'eye-key-uh' vs. 'ee-kay-uh'

My friends and I had a very fruitful shopping trip to IKEA Wednesday night, and I scored some fantastic fabrics for purse making - makes waiting to get my sewing machine up and running even harder! Not to mention the clamp-on desk shelf that will elevate my scanner and make room to slide my printer underneath, which is not the sexiest thing I've ever bought, but so practical!

Again, I have great link to post, but no crafty related items. For you Bostonians who don't already know - visit Big Red and Shiny - an excellent resource about the Boston Art scene.

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July 25, 2006

Back in Boston

As of July 13th, I'm back in Boston, living in beautiful Jamaica Plain. I've started my new job, and am temporarily settled. Until I resolve the lack of home internet connection, access and posts will be sporadic and probably fairly boring! I am without my sewing machine until the first week of September, so my poor Etsy shop is looking very sad. Once the sewing machine is unpacked, I'll be filling my Etsy shop again, working towards the South End Open market, and Ladies Night.


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July 8, 2006

3.5 days

3.5 days until I get in my Penske Truck and get out of Florida! I'm taking a break fom packing and cleaning to waste some time on the computer, hoping that there will be some Mary Poppins type activity going on while I'm not looking - everything will just pack itself if I sing! At the very least I've been forced to abandon a lot of my loved (but unused) things. Having a yard sale in July in Florida is a very stupid thing to do, my neck sunburn has finally stopped stinging, and it's hard to convince people to purchase your homemade record jacket lamps while you're getting heatstroke.

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June 27, 2006

Faux Wood

In honor of this excellent blog:, I offer up my cheesy faux wood grain hair clip. I've been trying to locate some nice wood grain fabric for my purses and clutches, and "It's (K)not Wood" came up in my Google search. I'm in love with faux wood! Makes me want to cover everything in wood grain contact paper!

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June 26, 2006


I stumbled across this while tooling around on the pantone site looking for the 2007 Color forecasts. It's a fun little tool to find your birthday color. There's also an e-card option.

I'm "Beetroot Purple".

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June 13, 2006


I recently stumbled upon this great website, Instructables: Step-by-Step Collaboration. It's an online communtiy where people post instructions for making anything from "Fire with Ice" to "Sexy Tightey Whitey Bras." I personally love the LED Throwies! There's a lot of techie posts, but also some excellent furniture and craft projects.

From the Website: "Instructables is a website bought to you by the partners at We make a lot of stuff, for business, and for pleasure. We've been looking for a long time for a convenient system for documenting our how-to projects, and the things we make, but it simply didn't exist. We decided we'd have to develop it ourself, and here it is, it will evolve as we grow to meet our own rigorous demands, and those of our users. Principal in our demands is convenience - it should take less time to document a project than it did to build it."

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June 12, 2006

Four New Clutches

Four New Clutches
Originally uploaded by Sulako.
I've magically shrunk my full size purses into new smaller wristlet type clutches. Perfect for Dubloons! I'll be adding a few more shortly - I found some greenish wood grain print fabric, and some vintage dotted stripes.......

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Ahoy! Welcome to my handmade life.

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