December 15, 2006

My Upcycle Contest Entry

Pretty damn swanky if i do say do myself - Visit Etsy to see the other entries into the contest.

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December 14, 2006

Baggitty Baggitty

Two, count 'em TWO - new virtuoso bags in my Etsy shop. Go see!

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Idle Hands - Pollack Pollack

Nothing new to post at the moment, but if you've got time to waste - check out this Jackson Pollack simulator by Miltos Manetas:

Click your mouse to get colored "paint". Enjoy....

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December 6, 2006

Boston Sunset Photo

I just had to try to capture the sunset out my office window today - here's a crappy shot with my phone. If you're in Boston right now (4:27) - find a window!!

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Hmmm...Etsy Competitor?

I stumbled across this site called Big Cartel, which appears to be very similar to Etsy, though more focused on Band Merch and the like. It has some nice features though, I like the customizable shop appearance and the ability to generate Gift Certificates through Paypal. It's set up as more of an independent store - no obvious links to Big Cartel, your shop is it's own entity. It doesn't have the community touchy-feely thing like Etsy, but has some interesting ideas. Here's a link to their blog.

Something to think about............

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December 5, 2006

Hurray! I'm in an Etsy Tresury List!

My first Treasury listing for a few days courtesy of Ana Romero! (Check out her shop) The Little House bag is featured, and it's one of my favorites, too. Hopefully I'll gain some more exposure.

On a second note, I finally got a new digital camera and have redone all of my product shots, so they look more professional. I still need to work on the correct lighting, but I'm getting there.

AND, I'm finalizing some new patterns in Illustrator for a hat, small pouch, and a different bag shape - I'm trying to make something triangular......

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