October 8, 2007

In Living Color

I was thinking of entering Apartment Therapy's Color contest, but I'm not about the 5 picture requirement - the other rooms in my place have color - but might not photograph well. So here's my lovely living room!

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September 14, 2007

My 6440

FINALLY! I finally bought my Viking 6440 from ebay. I'm super excited about having a reliable quality constructed sewing machine!

I highly recommend that if you like to sew more than the occasional pillow - you invest in a good machine. (which I learned the hard way after stupidly buying 2 cheap new plastic Singers - which haven't been well made since the sixties) Personally I love the older 70s/80s models - still made of metal, but easy to use. I considered a new Bernina or White machine, but I really have no use for the computerized components that seem to really be geared towards quilters.


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September 13, 2007

Current Wants

It's been so long since I've posted! Like everything in my life, the energy to stay committed to an idea/project comes and goes...but I plan on posting more!


Martha Stewart's "Feaux Bois" Duvet: I'm obsessed with fake wood grain lateley, and the ikea duvet I've got right now is really not working well in my room. Isn't this lovely?

EQ3's "Beacon" rug: RUGS! Erg! Good ones are alway way out of my budget, which is why I have a $30 Lowe's special in my living room. At $299 - this is dangerously close to winding up on my credit card. sigh

Dutch Oven: If I had this - I would be cooking in my backyard right now.

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June 28, 2007

Finally! I can prove we actually had a hover mower when I was in high school. It was orange and white, and really only sort of worked. Nobody ever believes me when I talk about the hover mower, but here's a company that's been making them for years!

Since it hovered, that fan blowing downwards to keep it hovering was pretty powerful, and every so often it would shoot out a bit of twig or other lawn debris and nail me in the ankles.

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June 18, 2007

Save me, Savers!

I had an EXCELLENT day thrifting at Savers: I found some beautiflu heavy cotton yardage in a kelly green/white floral print, a black and white seventies wicker/can print queen size bedspread, and a huge white fluffy petticoat! So fabulous, now I need to sew a big circle skirt to wear it under!

I also found a GOOCO kit! Woo! It's my second though, so it's up for sale on ebay here: Go Gocco! I am seeking a profit here, I know....shame on me, but I'm selling it in hopes of using the money to buy a Viking 6440 Sewing Machine, which is the shining pinnacle of sewing dreams! Seriously, the 6440 can sew through steel, maybe.

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Fancy new geometic ikea fabric bag

New Bag! Can you see it? Can you dig it?

Here's a bag I finished for myself yesterday, and I'm really happy with the size and front and back outer pockets, though the closer flap needs to be re-thought. I think a simple inside magnetic snap should do the trick, and a wider bottom would be better too. After a pattern adjustment, these will be in my etsy store. You gotta love that ikea fabric, it's the perfect weight for bags, and I love this pattern.

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A Horse, of Course

I made this lovely necklace for my lovely friend D quite a while ago, but I had it back to adjust the chain length for her, and remembered I'd never taken a picture. This is the third necklace that I've made from recycling laminate samples from work. I epoxy 2 back to back, and hand cut the shapes with a jeweler's saw and smooth with needle files. The material is great, soft and easy to cut, but vibrant and durable. I'm not sure if these are going to make it into my etsy shop - they're labor intensive, and I'd have to charge a bit more for my time. But they are one-of-a-kind hand cut, so maybe I'll try one or two in the shop. If I could just ditch my day job.....

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May 28, 2007

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

This is my new bike! I bought the frame (a mixte) at a huge garage sale, and with some help, I installed new brakes, a new front tire, swapped the drop handle bars for mustache style and converted it to a poor-man's single speed! Whoo-hoo - look out Boston! Now I can be a bike nerd too!

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Alas! No Dress!

I've been neglectful of this blog! So I finally gave up on making my dress for my friends wedding - just ran out of time, and the fabric I choose was a nightmare. I think I may still finish the skirt portion, to see if I can adapt it to make other skirts. I bought a Viking Huskylock serger on ebay, and have LOTS of skirts and clothing alterations planned.

Anyway here's where the wedding was in Jacksonville, this is the view out of the room we stayed in, it was a great wedding!

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April 18, 2007

Black Dress Update

URG! I mistakenly chose the WORST fabric to make this dress out of. It's fraying like mad, and melts if I come near it with the iron. With a better fabric, though I think it would make a very cute dress.

So....for anyone else attempting Simplicity 3877 - chose your fabric wisely, I recommend a medium weight cotton with a little stretch, with no obvious nap. The pattern is pretty simple with the exception of the sleeves - I need to learn what EASE means, the sleeves went in okay, but only because the fabric has some give. Also - the pattern doesn't really give you options about the seams, unless you have a serger - you have to roll hem them, or cover them with bias tape? Or use a no-fray fabric?

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I love this image. I love this image. This is what I want my life to look like.

(from the Wallpaper* EcoEdit website. I don't know who created these images, but they're wonderful)

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April 3, 2007

Green Patina, Elliott and Steve

I took this photo of this house I sometimes pass on Centre Street in JP on my way home from work because of it's gorgeous green...patina? stain? It was a gray day, and I keep meaning to take more shots of it at sunset when it looks the richest, it's almost iridescent when the sunlight hits it.

So while I was uploading the photo I remembered this completely serendipitous photo of my cat Elliott with Steve Martin looking over her shoulder and a banana shape coming out of her head - too bad she looks so serious.

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The Black Death (Dress)

So far I have most of the bodice completed and it fits! - though I'm worried about how high waisted it seems at this point, plus the fact that my fabric is thin and puckers easily, and my sewing machine no longer has a tension adjustment. Anyway, the pattern instructions are clearer than first thought, and I'm fairly confident that I can get it done on time.

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March 30, 2007

Current Project - Simplicity 3877

I've got 4 new bags cut and ready to be sewn, but I've shifted my focus to a dress for my friend's wedding. The online reviews for the pattern that I've found claim it's a relatively easy pattern, and I chose a really nice black fabric. Here's an image of it from the pattern envelope, and a poorly photoshop-ed version of what I'm hoping to wind up with. (Though in a much bigger size than this woman) I'm going to try to double line the skirt to make it more...flouncy.

(I've read through the pattern about 5 times, and finally think I understand most of it.)

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Tag Browser

This is a super fun time-waster - a really nice Flickr tag browser.

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March 13, 2007

Treasury Again! Whahoo!

I'm in a treasury again. Bright Shining as the Sun by BoringSidneywho makes awesome hats - like this Envelope Style one.

My recycled hippie shirt bag "Amarillo Yo Yo" is featured. I'm finally happy with the new pattern, after 5 versions! I've got a new cross between the new style and my original granny style in mind, with new button closures.

I've also got my new Gocco! I've been so busy I haven't tried it yet, but once I get the hang of it, there'll be new prints and screened fabrics in my etsy store.

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February 14, 2007

On Deck

Just a quick peek at the bags I'm working on tonight. I picked up some beautiful and truly strange vintage fabrics - a duvet cover, tunic, and kimono style robe will be transformed (Shazam!) into sulako bags. They'll be in my etsy shop soon!!


These 4 are finally in my etsy shop. They all came out great!

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February 7, 2007

Hello There Chair

I just have to share this - in 1993, my wacko alaskan roommate at R.I.T. found half of a chair in the garbage. She gave it to me, and I had my dad saw off the remaining parts of the back that had broken off. It has traveled with me ever since, and has been repainted many times, and has always been a really useful conversation piece, makeshift sawhorse, and handy step ladder.

I've always guessed at what the back said....sit, or hey, or hi...NOW I KNOW!

Thanks to the Design*Sponge blog, I have officially solved the mystery of my beloved broken chair! If I had an extra pile of money, I'd buy a complete one - for sale at SHOWHOME in London.

Original fabulous design

my back-less version

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Treasury Listing

I'm in the treasury again! The Red Baron Wristlet is famous! I'm happy to see this one get some recognition, and get purchased. It's off to Australia! You can see it here: (for 1 more day).

Thanks to FrucciDesign,who makes delightful paper jewelry. I'm really digging this Red Valentina Set!

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January 29, 2007

Bucket Troubles

Alas, I have yet to test the latest version of my bucket-style bag, I'm having trouble getting the shape that I see in my head to magically appear when I'm done. Here's the last iteration in a red faux woodgrain print. Kind of boring I think - too square. This week I will test the new pattern.

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Ahoy Vermont!

Well, Here's photos of the 6 bags that I send to Vermont for sale at Made Boutique and Gallery on Church Street. I tried a new background fabric (my latest purchase from the Marimekko store in Cambridge) and I think it's sucking the cuteness out of the bags, they're really pretty awesome in person. Anyway, please visit them at Made after the re-opening on the 2nd.

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January 19, 2007

Manfume & Bruce

Okay, this is the best thing about my morning so far, and since I "have it" it can only mean my day will just keep on getting better. Bruce Campbell in an Old Spice commercial. Ahoy!

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January 18, 2007

Made Boutique & Gallery: Go Burlington!

I'm very happy to say that Sulako bags will be available at Made Boutique & Gallery on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont! As a former resident of Burlington, I'm so happy to support an indie shop on Church Street. I'm sewing 6 new bags for the re-opening on 2/2, and will post completed photos on Monday! I've drafted a new pattern in Illustrator and if it works, I'll be sending 2 of them to VT - it's a hybrid of some of my other styles.


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