June 28, 2007

Finally! I can prove we actually had a hover mower when I was in high school. It was orange and white, and really only sort of worked. Nobody ever believes me when I talk about the hover mower, but here's a company that's been making them for years!

Since it hovered, that fan blowing downwards to keep it hovering was pretty powerful, and every so often it would shoot out a bit of twig or other lawn debris and nail me in the ankles.

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June 18, 2007

Save me, Savers!

I had an EXCELLENT day thrifting at Savers: I found some beautiflu heavy cotton yardage in a kelly green/white floral print, a black and white seventies wicker/can print queen size bedspread, and a huge white fluffy petticoat! So fabulous, now I need to sew a big circle skirt to wear it under!

I also found a GOOCO kit! Woo! It's my second though, so it's up for sale on ebay here: Go Gocco! I am seeking a profit here, I know....shame on me, but I'm selling it in hopes of using the money to buy a Viking 6440 Sewing Machine, which is the shining pinnacle of sewing dreams! Seriously, the 6440 can sew through steel, maybe.

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Fancy new geometic ikea fabric bag

New Bag! Can you see it? Can you dig it?

Here's a bag I finished for myself yesterday, and I'm really happy with the size and front and back outer pockets, though the closer flap needs to be re-thought. I think a simple inside magnetic snap should do the trick, and a wider bottom would be better too. After a pattern adjustment, these will be in my etsy store. You gotta love that ikea fabric, it's the perfect weight for bags, and I love this pattern.

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A Horse, of Course

I made this lovely necklace for my lovely friend D quite a while ago, but I had it back to adjust the chain length for her, and remembered I'd never taken a picture. This is the third necklace that I've made from recycling laminate samples from work. I epoxy 2 back to back, and hand cut the shapes with a jeweler's saw and smooth with needle files. The material is great, soft and easy to cut, but vibrant and durable. I'm not sure if these are going to make it into my etsy shop - they're labor intensive, and I'd have to charge a bit more for my time. But they are one-of-a-kind hand cut, so maybe I'll try one or two in the shop. If I could just ditch my day job.....

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