June 18, 2007

Save me, Savers!

I had an EXCELLENT day thrifting at Savers: I found some beautiflu heavy cotton yardage in a kelly green/white floral print, a black and white seventies wicker/can print queen size bedspread, and a huge white fluffy petticoat! So fabulous, now I need to sew a big circle skirt to wear it under!

I also found a GOOCO kit! Woo! It's my second though, so it's up for sale on ebay here: Go Gocco! I am seeking a profit here, I know....shame on me, but I'm selling it in hopes of using the money to buy a Viking 6440 Sewing Machine, which is the shining pinnacle of sewing dreams! Seriously, the 6440 can sew through steel, maybe.

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