September 14, 2007

My 6440

FINALLY! I finally bought my Viking 6440 from ebay. I'm super excited about having a reliable quality constructed sewing machine!

I highly recommend that if you like to sew more than the occasional pillow - you invest in a good machine. (which I learned the hard way after stupidly buying 2 cheap new plastic Singers - which haven't been well made since the sixties) Personally I love the older 70s/80s models - still made of metal, but easy to use. I considered a new Bernina or White machine, but I really have no use for the computerized components that seem to really be geared towards quilters.


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September 13, 2007

Current Wants

It's been so long since I've posted! Like everything in my life, the energy to stay committed to an idea/project comes and goes...but I plan on posting more!


Martha Stewart's "Feaux Bois" Duvet: I'm obsessed with fake wood grain lateley, and the ikea duvet I've got right now is really not working well in my room. Isn't this lovely?

EQ3's "Beacon" rug: RUGS! Erg! Good ones are alway way out of my budget, which is why I have a $30 Lowe's special in my living room. At $299 - this is dangerously close to winding up on my credit card. sigh

Dutch Oven: If I had this - I would be cooking in my backyard right now.

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