March 30, 2007

Current Project - Simplicity 3877

I've got 4 new bags cut and ready to be sewn, but I've shifted my focus to a dress for my friend's wedding. The online reviews for the pattern that I've found claim it's a relatively easy pattern, and I chose a really nice black fabric. Here's an image of it from the pattern envelope, and a poorly photoshop-ed version of what I'm hoping to wind up with. (Though in a much bigger size than this woman) I'm going to try to double line the skirt to make it more...flouncy.

(I've read through the pattern about 5 times, and finally think I understand most of it.)

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Tag Browser

This is a super fun time-waster - a really nice Flickr tag browser.

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March 13, 2007

Treasury Again! Whahoo!

I'm in a treasury again. Bright Shining as the Sun by BoringSidneywho makes awesome hats - like this Envelope Style one.

My recycled hippie shirt bag "Amarillo Yo Yo" is featured. I'm finally happy with the new pattern, after 5 versions! I've got a new cross between the new style and my original granny style in mind, with new button closures.

I've also got my new Gocco! I've been so busy I haven't tried it yet, but once I get the hang of it, there'll be new prints and screened fabrics in my etsy store.

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