April 18, 2007

Black Dress Update

URG! I mistakenly chose the WORST fabric to make this dress out of. It's fraying like mad, and melts if I come near it with the iron. With a better fabric, though I think it would make a very cute dress.

So....for anyone else attempting Simplicity 3877 - chose your fabric wisely, I recommend a medium weight cotton with a little stretch, with no obvious nap. The pattern is pretty simple with the exception of the sleeves - I need to learn what EASE means, the sleeves went in okay, but only because the fabric has some give. Also - the pattern doesn't really give you options about the seams, unless you have a serger - you have to roll hem them, or cover them with bias tape? Or use a no-fray fabric?

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I love this image. I love this image. This is what I want my life to look like.

(from the Wallpaper* EcoEdit website. I don't know who created these images, but they're wonderful)

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April 4, 2007

Green Stuff

thesaurus entry for currency I found today while trying to find an arcane synonym for the word "notes":

bill, bread, cash, chicken feed, coinage, coins, cold cash, color, corn, dead president, dinero, dough, folding money, green stuff, jangle, legal tender, lettuce, line, long green, mint, moolah, notes, peanuts, poke, specie, wad

specie? poke?

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April 3, 2007

Green Patina, Elliott and Steve

I took this photo of this house I sometimes pass on Centre Street in JP on my way home from work because of it's gorgeous green...patina? stain? It was a gray day, and I keep meaning to take more shots of it at sunset when it looks the richest, it's almost iridescent when the sunlight hits it.

So while I was uploading the photo I remembered this completely serendipitous photo of my cat Elliott with Steve Martin looking over her shoulder and a banana shape coming out of her head - too bad she looks so serious.

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The Black Death (Dress)

So far I have most of the bodice completed and it fits! - though I'm worried about how high waisted it seems at this point, plus the fact that my fabric is thin and puckers easily, and my sewing machine no longer has a tension adjustment. Anyway, the pattern instructions are clearer than first thought, and I'm fairly confident that I can get it done on time.

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