March 31, 2008

Derek Aylward at Space 242

Another talented friend of mine, Derek Aylward, had an opening at Space 242 in the South End on Friday night. The show is called Tricycle, and will be up until April 18th. Excellent, excellent stuff.

(I quickly took these before we left - I wish the quality was better)

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Tactile Tile

I work for an architectural firm with an interior design department - giving me access to all kinds of samples and catalogs. I ran across an Ann Sacks catalog the other day, and I am in love with this tile from the "Heath" line. The example shown is a kitchen, but wouldn't this look amazing in a bathroom? Or anywhere really - I'd run my fingers over it all day.

I rent so installation of this is out of the question, plus I'm afraid to ask what they cost, but I might ask for a sample just to take home, frame, and stare at.

They also carry an Angela Adams line.

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Momo Shinzawa in ReadyMade!

My super talented awesome friend Momo Shinzawa has a photograph on page 81 of the new ReadyMade! You can check it out in the new online version of the magazine.

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March 30, 2008

Historic Albany Foundation

While in Albany, we dropped off some old double-hung windows at the Historic Albany Foundation Warehouse and looked around a bit - it's pretty overwhelming, and I wanted to buy some of the gorgeous wood doors, and forties/fifties bath fixtures for the house I don't even have.

I did however, get these 2 sash pulls and unidentified brass clips with embossed anchors. (anyone know what these are?) I plan on scrubbing and painting the pulls to use as handles - maybe on my dresser....not sure yet.

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Stripping (Paint) in Albany

Last weekend I visited my two moms over in upstate NY. They own a turn of the century farmhouse that they've been slowly restoring. Part of the process has been stripping oh...100 years of paint off of the door moldings and fireplace mantel. The mid-project results are beautiful - at some point the house was painted teal and the color has come up through the sanding. This is real age - not anything you could fake.

Personally, I think they should keep them like this, but the moms wouldn't go for it.

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March 28, 2008


I've spent the last month revamping my bedroom - moving from clutter and chaos to a more calm and relaxing space. Which mainly has involved removing excess furniture, and placing junk inside of drawers or disposing of it all together. One of my goals is to fill the wall opposite my bed with art and items that I'll want to see when I wake up. So far I've got a Chris Ware poster, Ork Boston print, and a Steve Martin framed album to hang. Below are some other prints I'm jonesing for:

"Keep on the Sunny Side: from Yee-Haw Industries. I used to sing this song a lot when it came out on the O. Brother soundtrack.

"Shine..." from Alternative Motivational Posters. So pretty - falls in line with my love of seafaring and would pair so nicely with "Keep on the Sunny Side".

"Flock" from Wayne Pate at Good Shape Design. High contrast goodness.

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Look Who's Back!

So it looks as though I unintentionally took the winter off from keeping this blog going - BUT I'm determined to get thing rolling again.

I'm so excited that FLOR is coming out with Alexander Girard tiles!! I've entered mod*mom's contest, and I'm keeping my mental fingers crossed I'll win!

Here's a pic - check out the FLOR website for more info.

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