April 30, 2008

domino may issue

One of the perks of working in an architecture/interior design office is the magazines, tons of them! That and the sample library....

I recommend the feature on Ilse Crawford "Form Follows Feeling" - I breezed through it quickly (enviously noting the eames/saarinen chair & table pair on p106) until the last page of the spread included a picture of Ilse on a high backed chair that I'd seen before (some other design mag?) and can't get out of my head. I tracked down her website and found an image of the chairs. There's got to be a way to mod some fleathrifty finds to get this look.

I also really like the bathroom shown - simple dual pedestal sink paired with the elegant understated mirror. I firmly believe in a bare sink - I can't stand sinks cluttered with products, decorative soaps or tschokes. I not the biggest fan of dual sinks, though - I know it's cute and couple-y to be in the bathroom together, but...yuk - not for me. Anyway, the mirror reminds me of the Husnes mirror that I've stood and stared at during the last few ikea trips - I like it but have absolutely no ideas for it in my own house. I think it'd be great horizontal above a dresser, or maybe over a windowless kitchen sink, or propped up in a fireplace, or in an entry above some hooks.....

Side note - check out the BIZARRE Paul Mitchell ad on p21 - shirtless denim carnie ponytail freakness.

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April 22, 2008

Reside @ Huron Village

I finally made it over to Reside in Cambridge this weekend. I have friends that just moved up from DC who wanted to look at some modern pieces for their new apartment, and I was anxious to visit the marrimekko store (closed! boo!) and Formaggio for some cheese (open! aged gouda!) so I was happy to tag along.

Let me just remind you that I have a deep, lasting love for chairs - and the first thing I see before even going in? A Bertoia sitting by the door! heaven. They have a slightly crowed, but well curated show floor with amazing pieces - the credenzas and dressers were in great shape, and I felt as though each piece was researched and cared for. The basement was a delight, more chairs for me to lust after!

It's a great store for someone who's into mid-century that wants to walk in and walk out with something in hand. For me it's more about research - I like to learn more about pieces I like and get an idea of pricing. I love this stuff, but the most exciting thing is the hunt, the scavenge! I'd rather discover a scraped up, mildly dented piece at a flea or garage sale than a pristine one in a shop.

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Chair Habit

My fabulous house mate made me this little shadow box with reina chair miniatures for my birthday, so cute! Current chair total = 13 (+ 3 minis!)

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Earth Day

It's earth day today, and I'm proud to say I'm doing some of these things on this list from Wire & Twine, and inspired to start doing some others. I'm also participating the the Charles River Clean up on Saturday, and maintaining my zero plastic bag policy. Go green!

Thanks to Shelterrific for the link to this list!

50 ways

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April 18, 2008

Angela Adams (is Awesome!)

If I had a $5,000 rug budget, you bet I'd get myself some Angela Adams rugs right quick, however, until that happens I'll just have to dream...

We received this postcard at work - I'm in love with the rug, the sidecase, and the styling. This is the kind of look I'd like to achieve in my house - a perfect balance between modern lines and cozy warmth.

The rug is called Easton's Pond and is part of the Couture Collection.

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April 14, 2008

Looking for EQ3

While fruitless searching for a new living room rug last year - I stumbled on EQ3, a furniture line that has been compared to ikea for it's modern look and easy-on-the-wallet prices. I've posted about the Beacon rectangular rug before, and knew that the only carrier of EQ3 in Massachusetts was Jordan's, but never got around to checking it out.

While in Northampton 2 weekends ago for my birthday weekend, my friends M & J found a great couch made by surprise! EQ3, and I mentioned that they could probably get it at Jordan's. On Saturday we drove down to the Jordan's in Stoughton to see what they had. I think I'd previously put off looking for the rugs because I was afraid of Jordan's - rightly so! it's like a big lame theme restaurant at disney - fake, confusing, and tons of poor taste.

We only found a smattering of EQ3 pieces, mostly in the clearance center downstairs. The salesperson we spoke with seemed to think that the Natick or Reading stores might have more of a selection. From what we found, I wish they carried more - clean and sleek, with fun modern colors. I really liked the patterned stools, and the chocolate/lime credenza. The quality seemed on par, or a bit sturdier than ikea, the clearance pieces were a bit roughed up, so it was hard to tell. It would be great if there was another place to see their whole line.

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826 Boston

On Saturday night, my housemante and I headed over to 826 Boston for the North American Symposium on Sasquatch Research, we got there late, and missed the speakers, but we had a great time pawing through the cryptozoology wares for sale. I myself purchased a bottle of unicorn tears, and Aimee got a bottle of nessie tendrils. It's a really great space, and I think it's going to do well.

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April 13, 2008

From Thrift to Awesome

I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with myself at the moment, I just finished a great sewing project! I found a long black coat (80s I think) with a gorgeous ruffled flap closure at Savers. I hardly ever wear knee length coats, so it's been hanging around until I got the courage to cut it up.

I removed the lining and the lining zipper, then used a yard stick and water soluble pencil to mark the finished length, and then rough cut it about 2 inches below the marks. I got lucky that my finish length was above the pockets and kick slit in the back - meaning no tricky seam repairs. I angled the cuts towards the center front and back seams for added shape. Next I marked an inch below the finish length, and serged along that line, leaving the lining long. Then I ironed the hem to my finish length marks and sewed 2 finish hem stitches, followed by serging the lining about 1.5" above the hem.

I forgot to take a before pic, but the last image shows the piece I cut off - pretty much half of the coat. I can't wait to wear it!

Indoor, night time photos of a black coat are hard to take and I'm being lazy about setting up lighting - I'll try to take a pic wearing it in better light soon.

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April 8, 2008

Mythic Paint

We're annexing additional office space at work, and are doing most of the fit-out ourselves. At my (humble) suggestion - we're using Mythic paint - a non- toxic low VOC product. It's available in Boston at TAGS hardware store in the Porter Square shopping plaza. Price varies according to finish, but a gallon of flat was $41 - a bit steep but well worth it for healthy environments.

If all goes well, I'll be using it for my bedroom this summer. I'm leaning towards something in the pale warm gray family - Like Mythic's "Splinter of Silver".

Update: We used the Mythic Drywall Primer and Flat interior paint for the office addition, and both worked wonderfully - practically no smell, and quality coverage. I'll be getting a gallon of #144-2 "Misty Windowpane" for my bedroom soon! The architects are starting to specify Mythic for our clients already, it's that good.

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April 3, 2008

Love Lamp

Jonathan Adler has a new nautical modern inspired collection: Wauwinet Collection - I'm in love with this lamp!

I also ran across this plum tree lamp base in the pbteen catalog at work. I think the shades shown are pretty childish and insubstantial, but imagine it paired with either this Orla Kiely or this Anthropologie shade. dreamy!

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April 2, 2008

Inspiration Innundation

Okay - so remember the scene in Weird Science when Anthony Michael Hall and other actor? fed images into the computer to make the perfect teen sex goddess? Well these are some of the images I'd feed in to my perfect house making computer.

(These are from all over the interwebs - and are uncredited, sorry!)

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April 1, 2008

More Prints

More lovely prints I want for my bedroom! sigh....

"Autumn Garden" by Sanna Annukka, an amazing Finnish illustrator and printmaker. I love the palette and controlled folksy look of her work, I wish these were available in the states.

"UN ROYAUME" by Steven Harrington - currently sold out - but I check back often with my fingers crossed!

"Norton Defiant" part of the 2002 Norton Anthology Show by Brandon Bird, which I have been almost-buying for about a year now - It doesn't really match the kind of look I'm trying to create in my bedroom, but I can't help but stare at Ed and giggle.

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