April 30, 2008

domino may issue

One of the perks of working in an architecture/interior design office is the magazines, tons of them! That and the sample library....

I recommend the feature on Ilse Crawford "Form Follows Feeling" - I breezed through it quickly (enviously noting the eames/saarinen chair & table pair on p106) until the last page of the spread included a picture of Ilse on a high backed chair that I'd seen before (some other design mag?) and can't get out of my head. I tracked down her website and found an image of the chairs. There's got to be a way to mod some fleathrifty finds to get this look.

I also really like the bathroom shown - simple dual pedestal sink paired with the elegant understated mirror. I firmly believe in a bare sink - I can't stand sinks cluttered with products, decorative soaps or tschokes. I not the biggest fan of dual sinks, though - I know it's cute and couple-y to be in the bathroom together, but...yuk - not for me. Anyway, the mirror reminds me of the Husnes mirror that I've stood and stared at during the last few ikea trips - I like it but have absolutely no ideas for it in my own house. I think it'd be great horizontal above a dresser, or maybe over a windowless kitchen sink, or propped up in a fireplace, or in an entry above some hooks.....

Side note - check out the BIZARRE Paul Mitchell ad on p21 - shirtless denim carnie ponytail freakness.

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