April 14, 2008

Looking for EQ3

While fruitless searching for a new living room rug last year - I stumbled on EQ3, a furniture line that has been compared to ikea for it's modern look and easy-on-the-wallet prices. I've posted about the Beacon rectangular rug before, and knew that the only carrier of EQ3 in Massachusetts was Jordan's, but never got around to checking it out.

While in Northampton 2 weekends ago for my birthday weekend, my friends M & J found a great couch made by surprise! EQ3, and I mentioned that they could probably get it at Jordan's. On Saturday we drove down to the Jordan's in Stoughton to see what they had. I think I'd previously put off looking for the rugs because I was afraid of Jordan's - rightly so! it's like a big lame theme restaurant at disney - fake, confusing, and tons of poor taste.

We only found a smattering of EQ3 pieces, mostly in the clearance center downstairs. The salesperson we spoke with seemed to think that the Natick or Reading stores might have more of a selection. From what we found, I wish they carried more - clean and sleek, with fun modern colors. I really liked the patterned stools, and the chocolate/lime credenza. The quality seemed on par, or a bit sturdier than ikea, the clearance pieces were a bit roughed up, so it was hard to tell. It would be great if there was another place to see their whole line.

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