April 8, 2008

Mythic Paint

We're annexing additional office space at work, and are doing most of the fit-out ourselves. At my (humble) suggestion - we're using Mythic paint - a non- toxic low VOC product. It's available in Boston at TAGS hardware store in the Porter Square shopping plaza. Price varies according to finish, but a gallon of flat was $41 - a bit steep but well worth it for healthy environments.

If all goes well, I'll be using it for my bedroom this summer. I'm leaning towards something in the pale warm gray family - Like Mythic's "Splinter of Silver".

Update: We used the Mythic Drywall Primer and Flat interior paint for the office addition, and both worked wonderfully - practically no smell, and quality coverage. I'll be getting a gallon of #144-2 "Misty Windowpane" for my bedroom soon! The architects are starting to specify Mythic for our clients already, it's that good.

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