April 22, 2008

Reside @ Huron Village

I finally made it over to Reside in Cambridge this weekend. I have friends that just moved up from DC who wanted to look at some modern pieces for their new apartment, and I was anxious to visit the marrimekko store (closed! boo!) and Formaggio for some cheese (open! aged gouda!) so I was happy to tag along.

Let me just remind you that I have a deep, lasting love for chairs - and the first thing I see before even going in? A Bertoia sitting by the door! heaven. They have a slightly crowed, but well curated show floor with amazing pieces - the credenzas and dressers were in great shape, and I felt as though each piece was researched and cared for. The basement was a delight, more chairs for me to lust after!

It's a great store for someone who's into mid-century that wants to walk in and walk out with something in hand. For me it's more about research - I like to learn more about pieces I like and get an idea of pricing. I love this stuff, but the most exciting thing is the hunt, the scavenge! I'd rather discover a scraped up, mildly dented piece at a flea or garage sale than a pristine one in a shop.

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