May 2, 2008

Eliot School in JP

I live right around the corner from the Eliot School and have been wanting to take both the Upholstery and Furniture Finishing classes since last year, but I stalled and never signed up. I think this summer I'm going to take the plunge and sign up for Upholstery. You get bring your own piece to class to work on, which is great - I love jumping right in!

I see so many great pieces of furniture that with a little help could really be fantastic. Plus, I've got a few danish looking pieces in storage that need refinishing. I'm confident enough in my sewing skills to attempt slip covers, but I'd really like to know how to totally strip a chair and re-build it correctly.

I've been tracking this chair on ebay as a possible candidate - we really need a comfy lounge chair for our living room. It's a nice medium size, plus it swivels and has a modern look - imagine it in gray or chartreuse! Currently we have my 2 tulip chair knock offs in addition to the couch, but they're not very comfortable to sit and watch a movie in, as lovely as they are.

HOWEVER - A. it's in Fitchburg and B. I'm nervous about buying furniture without a close inspection as cheap as this is (current bid $26). Ergh - I don't think I'll bid. I have a Flea market and Giant Yard sale trips coming up, so I might wait and look for something similar. The class starts in July, so I have some time to find a good project.

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