May 29, 2008

Hairpin Legs Coffee Table and Flor Project

I finally got around to spray painting the hairpins a bright glossy white. I could barely wait for them to dry before putting them on the ikea top, and....... ARGH! too tall!!

The table is now about 18 inches off of the floor which seems way to high for me, but my housemate thinks it's a good height. I think it over dominates the room, and looks like a big white monolith. For now, it's okay, but I'll need to either swap the legs or the top in the future.

I'm considering this lunar coffee table from cb2, which has the look I want, at a much better scale. But - the hairpins look really good! I'm thinking a different top may solve the problem, maybe some stained ply cut in a fun shape or some salvaged wood.....

Before: Hideous cheap-o rug and stumpy ugly legs.

After: Crisp white legs (and too much height!)

The new Flor looks great in this room - the slight magenta tone of the Brick Fedora, complements the brown, teal, red and orange happening in the room. It does show dirt well, so it will need more vacuuming that the old rug. I bought the Skirting Around pattern for the 4 corners and it looks really cute (I have the same set-up in my bedroom, only in Chartreuse.)

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