May 28, 2008

Eames Lounge Reupholstery Project

Last weekend I finally sat down and disassembled the eames - it was surprisingly easy! I took snapshots along the way in case I have issues putting it back together. I also marked left and right on the armrests and carefully ziploc-ed each group of hardware according to which part of the chair I removed it from.

The overall construction is fairly simple - the leather is stapled to thin pieces of bent ply - that then get screwed into the outer bent ply shell. The foam padding is lightly stapled to the inner shell, and covered with the leather. On my chair - the welting is cut from vinyl and sewn to the leather, then the entire piece was stapled to the inner shell.

Everything is in good shape - I plan on keeping the existing foam, but adding an inch or so layer on top for future wear. The plywood shells are scratched - but no cracks thankfully. I plan on purchasing a dark walnut stain. The chrome on the back brackets and base legs is pitted and not really salvageable - I'm going to spray paint them a gloss black.

I've chosen a sustainable upholstery vinyl from design tex - it's a grey/green called "Dolphin" with a slightly pebbled texture. The line is called Friendly Faux, and it's 100% Nylon Microfiber with a 10 year warranty. It's pictured below draped on the headrest.I'm ordering 3 yards which should leave plenty left over for a future ottoman, as well as extra for any mistakes. One of the interior designers at work is helping me find someone to make the buttons for me - from what I've read of other's experience reupholstering these kinds of chairs, it's difficult to make your own, the diy versions tend to pop off!

Next step - refinishing the shells and spray painting the chrome while I wait for the vinyl to arrive.

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