June 27, 2008

Mass MoCA

Last Saturday I headed home to Albany to borrow a canoe, and brought a friend to help car-top it. To make the trip a little less boring, we stopped at Mass MoCA on the way over. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time.

There were three exhibits that really stood out for me:

"Projections" by Jenny Holzer: This was fantastic, a dark cavernous room with huge white projected words moving through the space. Giant bean bags on the floor for relaxed viewing. Simultaneously disorienting and relaxing.

"Interpretations" by Devorah Sperber: Spools of thread hung and viewed trough small crystal balls revealing the pixelated image - absolutely delightful. A diy interpretation of this may be in order - a new way to store my thread.

"Personal Biospheres" by Vaughn Bell: Floating plexi "houses" that you can stick your noggin into - this had us giggling, they smelled wonderful, fresh.

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