August 5, 2008

Accessorizing with American Science & Surplus

The recent (hmm....classic?) trend towards industrial/laboratory furniture and accessories is right up my alley. I'm lusting after loop bulbs, laboratory stools, medical cabinets, and the like. I think I'm also drawn to these kinds of items because of their overlap into the steampunk aesthetic, which inspires me, but isn't something I could throw myself into - too much mod in me.

Anyway, thinking about all this stuff sparked my memory of the American Science & Surplus catalogs I used to get - I never actually ordered anything, but I would read each and every page. The drawing and descriptions were always clever and funny, and the selection of items bizarre. Plus it's all CHEAP!

Below are some picks from their website, there is so much fun and oddly useful stuff, I highly recommend taking a browse!

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