August 11, 2008

Sewing Area Design & Install

A friend of mine had her birthday last week, and since none of us could think of what to get her, we decided to do something for her instead. We decided to make her a new sewing area where her unused desk was. Her husband got her out of the house, and we sneaked in and got to decoratin'!

The Plan:

Two small shelves, one a custom thread holder, a larger shelf, new light fixture, peg board, fabric bin on wheels, a rail/cup system and small decorative jars.

(my cute little elevation - 1/10th scale!)

This was really fun! Everything is from Ikea except the peg board and accessories. The peg board was much more manageable that I had anticipated - I bought a 2' x 4' piece and easily cut it down to size with my jigsaw. Everything else was a snap to hang with my trusty level, and it really came out really versatile and simple. Everything is white, the color comes from the vintage sewing notions she has. I also wanted it to function as a desk/office space if she decides not to sew as much.



Thread Holder: Ikea "Stripa" shelf - 3/16" diameter wood dowel, cut into 2 3/4" sections, friction fit into 17 holes spaced 3 1/2" apart, then painted! I designed it to hold the thread spool and bobbin together.

Fabric Bin:
Ikea bin with Ikea casters - I bored holes for each caster, then used my pop rivet tool to attach the casters.

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