September 8, 2008

Brimfield Scores!

A and I headed out to Brimfield Flea market on Saturday, and suffered one of the most horrifically humid days I have ever endured. Seriously - like land swimming.

Anyway I found a set of 4 shell chairs ($20 set) and these graduated lab things - which I'm sure have a proper name, but I'm too lazy to look it up - for $1 a piece, and 2 other items which may become gifts so I can't mention them yet!

The shell chairs were stacked when I bought them, and I didn't bother to inspect each one, when I got home I realized that 2 are cracked, and pretty much worthless. (Ah Well, still not bad for the price!) They are "Dining or desk height Sideshell Stacking base with transitional glides" made in 1957, which I learned via the CATALOGUE RAISONNE on the Eames Office website.

I also found a great explanation of how to refinish a shell chair at Chair Fag. I'll attempt refinishing next summer, maybe. I scrubbed up the two good chairs with a rag and a magic eraser, and gave them a quick polish with bowling alley wax. They came our fairly well, but will need more work at some point, some idiot spray painted the legs chrome!

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