September 22, 2008

Card Catalog Project - Done!

Remember that old, sad $12 card catalog I found at Savers? Well, check it out - my beautiful new jewelry box!

I pried off the damaged top portion, sanded through two layers of paint and old varnish, gave it one thin coat of walnut stain, two coats of polyurethane, and put back the original brass hardware.

During sanding I decided to leave some of the blue/grey under layer of paint and some of the beige, to bring out the character of the wood. I left the holes, scratches, and stains, the wood has so much character that I couldn't bear to try to do a "perfect" refinishing.

I'm absolutely in love with it, and am going to bid on some tall hairpin legs on ebay to make it a free standing jewelry box.

Can you believe someone painted this beautiful handmade dovetailed wood card catalog? Twice???

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