September 3, 2008

Labor Day

I had a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend going to the Demolition Derby at the Spencer, MA town fair, and a trip to Albany to visit my parents.

The demo derby was a little bittersweet this year - my friend and I have always wanted to participate because they used to have a 2-person round (one drives blindfolded, one in the back yelling directions) and this year we finally found a car to use, and drove out to sign up, only to find that they canceled the 2-person round. So our dreams of the demo derby died! Maybe we'll try to get 2 cars for next year, but it will get expensive since we can't split the cost anymore.

My dad has house on The Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate New York, and every Labor Day people burn huge fires on their beaches for the "Ring of Fire". Normally my dad goes all out and builds a huge fire out of pallets, sheds, and whatever else he can find that will burn. This year he went natural - no nails, metal, etc. The fire was a little smaller, but much healthier.

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