October 21, 2008

Craigslist Find!

I scored this awesome tulip style yesterday on CL, for $100! I had been debating getting either the Ikea or cb2 version, but I'm much happier getting something vintage. I'm trying to buy used as much as possible!

It's in great shape, and after some scrubbing and some bowling alley wax, it looks pretty near perfect to me. Come spring I might re-paint the base. Now I need to find two more tulip base chairs.....

When I brought it home A asked me if I'm still hunting for an authentic Saarinen version, or if I'm okay with the knock-off, and it made me consider whether I'm someone who needs to collect authentic pieces, and...I'm not! I consider each piece on it's own merits and am really not concerned about finding the designer version, but would certainly pick them up if I could afford to!

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