October 8, 2008

Eames Lounge Upholstery Project

After stapling the buttons in place, I worked my way around the form, tugging and stapling.

Next I trimmed off any excess vinyl.

Welting! I held the welting in place with the stitching at the edge of the plywood, and stapled, pulling a tiny bit as I went along to keep the welting taught and smooth.

To finish the welting I trimmed the inside cord to match exactly, and use the extra vinyl on one end to fold over and hide the connection.

Next I used my scissors to trim the folds made from stapling around curves to remove the excess bulk.

On the second section, I wanted to feel more confident that I would get the buttons to be level and centered. I tied a piece of twine around the section lining it up with the holes on the back, and used the measuring tape to mark the correct positions.

Once all four sections were upholstered, I painted the armrests, and upholstered the tops, being sure to mark the screw holes so I could cut the excess vinyl around them.

Some metal polish on the bases - it's hard to photograph, but the polish really helped with the rust and pitting - they're nice and shiny!!!!!

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