November 26, 2008

Saucony Catalog Shoot

Maybe this is my 15 minutes of (anonymous) fame, who knows, but my apartment was used for the fall 09 Saucony Originals catalog! My photographer friend Momo Shinzawa knows the Graphic Designer at Saucony, and suggested that my place would be great location for the catalog shoot.

It was a lot fun, and interesting to be the "homeowner" - at work I'm the one barging into other people's homes and moving around their stuff for shoots. It's funny what you expect people will respond too, and what they choose for the shots. We sometimes run into this at work, where we can be a little bit reluctant to show the clients the finished images, since we may have moved things, removed things and added objects to get the look that we want, when I'm sure they love their home as-is.

Momo did such a good job, capturing the kind of seventies-esque look they wanted. It was a fun day, they also took a lot of shots that are not in the catalog, but may be used elsewhere.

The cover/legs shot is my bedroom wall, and the others are in my living room.

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