December 22, 2008

NYC: We upstaters go downstate!

Instead of spending a lot of money this Christmas, my family decided to give some small things, and instead spend the money on a trip to the city. A short trip, just a day and a half, but enough time to do some standard touristy things like the Empire State Building, Times Square, and 30 Rock.

I also got to spend some of my Christmas bonus at Muji and Uniqlo. Sadly, not enough time for CB2.

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December 14, 2008

Aluminum Christmas Tree

We set up the christmas tree on Saturday, a little Elvis' christmas album, some brandy alexander's and waaay too many ornaments. It really looks pretty great (in a shiny pastel kitschy way) though I do miss the small of a real tree.

I found the homemade felt skirt in Jacksonville and A loves it - matches the tree and christmas deer she has.

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Sewing Area Revamp

This is the not quite finished result of re-painting and re-organizing my sewing are/craft table. Painting over that hideous red was the best thing I've done in months! What a difference - light, fresh and airy.

Taking down those huge shelves, really made a difference too - while they held a lot, they were oppressing and messy. I bought an Ikea PS cabinet for storage and a new smaller table top. I'd like to move to closed door storage for the rest of my supplies as well, but I haven't yet found anything in my budget.

I also love that I can display some art and other objects in a collection that will hopefully keep growing!

Before on the left, After on the right

My fencing foil from Brimfield! (no - I don't fence!)

My card catalog project, and newest love, the thread rack!

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December 11, 2008

Sanna Annukka: New Bags & Prints!

One of my favorite designer/illustrator/artists, Sanna Annukka, has new items in her shop! Cute canvas bags, and 2 new prints. I think those bags might just be worth the headache of international shipping! Only $30.

Oh, how I covet one of her prints, but they are sadly out of my range. So far I've only found them for sale in the US at Rose and Radish, but they are marking the "Autumn Gardern"print up considerably - $652!!!!! It's only 190 pounds ($281 US) in Sanna's shop.

She is also designing for Marrimekko's Spring/Summer 09 collection - I CANNOT WAIT!!

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December 3, 2008

Bumbershoots! Umbrellas!

Oh happy day - I just found - all beautiful, lovely umbrellas. I love umbrellas. I have six? I think, maybe more.

$30-40 and free shipping if you buy two. More reason to finally find the perfect umbrella rack.

I really like this one in white, and this one in green.

Also! pare*umbrella - a bit more $$, but just as pretty!

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December 1, 2008

Thread Rack = Organized!

As part of my sewing area make over, I bought a thread rack! Such a simple thing, but I can't believe I never bought one before! The spools look great, I no longer have to dig in a drawer for the right color!


You can also see the newly white painted wall - bye bye gross landlord red. I need to take photos of the finished product soon, but there's still a few touches left.

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The Lake

My dad lives on The Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate NY just outside of Mayfield. When I was visiting over Thanksgiving, I woke up on Friday morning, and the light was so beautiful, I ran out to take some photos. It was so quiet and lovely.

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