May 29, 2008

Hairpin Legs Coffee Table and Flor Project

I finally got around to spray painting the hairpins a bright glossy white. I could barely wait for them to dry before putting them on the ikea top, and....... ARGH! too tall!!

The table is now about 18 inches off of the floor which seems way to high for me, but my housemate thinks it's a good height. I think it over dominates the room, and looks like a big white monolith. For now, it's okay, but I'll need to either swap the legs or the top in the future.

I'm considering this lunar coffee table from cb2, which has the look I want, at a much better scale. But - the hairpins look really good! I'm thinking a different top may solve the problem, maybe some stained ply cut in a fun shape or some salvaged wood.....

Before: Hideous cheap-o rug and stumpy ugly legs.

After: Crisp white legs (and too much height!)

The new Flor looks great in this room - the slight magenta tone of the Brick Fedora, complements the brown, teal, red and orange happening in the room. It does show dirt well, so it will need more vacuuming that the old rug. I bought the Skirting Around pattern for the 4 corners and it looks really cute (I have the same set-up in my bedroom, only in Chartreuse.)

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May 28, 2008

Eames Lounge Reupholstery Project

Last weekend I finally sat down and disassembled the eames - it was surprisingly easy! I took snapshots along the way in case I have issues putting it back together. I also marked left and right on the armrests and carefully ziploc-ed each group of hardware according to which part of the chair I removed it from.

The overall construction is fairly simple - the leather is stapled to thin pieces of bent ply - that then get screwed into the outer bent ply shell. The foam padding is lightly stapled to the inner shell, and covered with the leather. On my chair - the welting is cut from vinyl and sewn to the leather, then the entire piece was stapled to the inner shell.

Everything is in good shape - I plan on keeping the existing foam, but adding an inch or so layer on top for future wear. The plywood shells are scratched - but no cracks thankfully. I plan on purchasing a dark walnut stain. The chrome on the back brackets and base legs is pitted and not really salvageable - I'm going to spray paint them a gloss black.

I've chosen a sustainable upholstery vinyl from design tex - it's a grey/green called "Dolphin" with a slightly pebbled texture. The line is called Friendly Faux, and it's 100% Nylon Microfiber with a 10 year warranty. It's pictured below draped on the headrest.I'm ordering 3 yards which should leave plenty left over for a future ottoman, as well as extra for any mistakes. One of the interior designers at work is helping me find someone to make the buttons for me - from what I've read of other's experience reupholstering these kinds of chairs, it's difficult to make your own, the diy versions tend to pop off!

Next step - refinishing the shells and spray painting the chrome while I wait for the vinyl to arrive.

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May 14, 2008

Zigzaggers: Sewing Machine Reviews

I just sent a review of my 6440 over to Krista at Zigzaggers - a great new blog for reviewing sewing machines. I needed a pic for the review and I also took a few shots of recent projects.

The decorative stitching on the wood grain pillow is from 2 of the cams that came with the machine - so easy to do!!

Horse bag - this was a new pattern - the shape is great, it's nice and big and I like the short handles, but without interfacing it has no body. I think I'm going to open it up and try to add interfacing.

New closet curtains - I'm in love with this fabric - once I get my bedroom painted gray, these will look even better.

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May 12, 2008

Sandy Stone in Country Living

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources - like the laundromat! I ran across a piece on Sandy Stone, a "Minneapolis-based decorative artist" in County Living magazine (March 08). Normally I wouldn't go near this magazine, but I was desperate for reading material during the dryer cycle.

Sandy re-purposes vintage fabrics into pillows, upholstery, bedspreads, lampshades and all kinds of other items. I love the big bold prints tempered by the white/beige background in her living room, the mix of pattern and vintage furniture in the sewing studio, and the chair with woven belts! I need to be this courageous with pattern in my own house.

Sandy doesn't have a website unfortunately - but she should!!

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May 5, 2008

Eames Lounge Reupholstery Project

Sometimes I have almost preternatural luck finding the things I want while thrifting - maybe constant obsessing over pieces of furniture sharpens my radar.

Anyway, on Friday after posting about finding a chair to reupholster, I'm out at lunch running errands for work, and on a whim, I decide to check out Sadye & Company in Cambridge. (I've driven by it numerous times and never stopped. It's your basic lower end antique shop - nothing especially remarkable, but the prices are fair.)

Lo and behold, in the back room is sitting a Plycraft Eames knock off! For $50! It needs to be refinished and reupholstered, but all the pieces are there with no structural damage.

I'm SO excited! I'm tracking to ottomans on ebay to go with it, and now comes the fun part - choosing new vinyl!!

I found a great forum post about reupholstering Plycraft and Selig lounge chairs on Design Addict, and am feeling confident that I can get this done. I'll post pics and progress as I go.

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May 2, 2008

Eliot School in JP

I live right around the corner from the Eliot School and have been wanting to take both the Upholstery and Furniture Finishing classes since last year, but I stalled and never signed up. I think this summer I'm going to take the plunge and sign up for Upholstery. You get bring your own piece to class to work on, which is great - I love jumping right in!

I see so many great pieces of furniture that with a little help could really be fantastic. Plus, I've got a few danish looking pieces in storage that need refinishing. I'm confident enough in my sewing skills to attempt slip covers, but I'd really like to know how to totally strip a chair and re-build it correctly.

I've been tracking this chair on ebay as a possible candidate - we really need a comfy lounge chair for our living room. It's a nice medium size, plus it swivels and has a modern look - imagine it in gray or chartreuse! Currently we have my 2 tulip chair knock offs in addition to the couch, but they're not very comfortable to sit and watch a movie in, as lovely as they are.

HOWEVER - A. it's in Fitchburg and B. I'm nervous about buying furniture without a close inspection as cheap as this is (current bid $26). Ergh - I don't think I'll bid. I have a Flea market and Giant Yard sale trips coming up, so I might wait and look for something similar. The class starts in July, so I have some time to find a good project.

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May 1, 2008

Hairpin Legs Coffee Table

After oh...6 months of ebay searches and outbids I finally got my hairpin legs for my coffee table, they arrived yesterday! It took me a long time to find a fair priced set at coffee table height, convincing me that they are becoming a hot item - I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for sets at flea markets this summer.

I'm going to spray paint them white and mount them on our white VIKA MANNE table top from ikea, replacing the too short stainless steel legs I've got on there now.

It's not my dream coffee table, but it's white, and stain & abuse proof. I'll update with pics when I'm done.

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