October 27, 2008

Dresser Swap!

This weekend was project filled! I got the last few coats of paint on my new $20 dresser, and started a total sewing area/junk room reorganization. Since the craft room is still a work in progress, I'm going to wait to post pictures until I'm finished, but here's a look at the new dresser! The Ikea Malm dresser was still in good shape, so it's my new linens dresser in our back storage room.

Honestly, entering the AT contest has motivated me to make some of the changes to the apt that I've been putting off!

It's white! super white, but I love it. While not my dream dresser (which I will continue to hunt for) this one was cheap, and cute enough to act as a stand in.

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October 21, 2008

Craigslist Find!

I scored this awesome tulip style yesterday on CL, for $100! I had been debating getting either the Ikea or cb2 version, but I'm much happier getting something vintage. I'm trying to buy used as much as possible!

It's in great shape, and after some scrubbing and some bowling alley wax, it looks pretty near perfect to me. Come spring I might re-paint the base. Now I need to find two more tulip base chairs.....

When I brought it home A asked me if I'm still hunting for an authentic Saarinen version, or if I'm okay with the knock-off, and it made me consider whether I'm someone who needs to collect authentic pieces, and...I'm not! I consider each piece on it's own merits and am really not concerned about finding the designer version, but would certainly pick them up if I could afford to!

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October 16, 2008

My Chair on Apartment Therapy

I submitted my chair project to AT, thinking that it could serve as a great guide for others, and I'm super happy that it got posted, but reading the comments section for your own project isn't for the thin skinned!

Regardless, I love my slightly lumpy, historically inaccurate, knock-off chair and ottoman and am happy to show it off.

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October 15, 2008

Apartment Therapy: Fall Colors 2008 Contest Entry

Yesterday I hosted a photo shoot at my house for a sneaker catalog, and since the house was immaculate and I was feeling inspired by the shoot - I decided to enter the Apartment Therapy Fall Colors 2008 contest.

Here's the link to my entry

I made it to the first bracket! Woo! Be sure to vote today!!!

Update! Made it into the second bracket! Woo HOO!

Update Again! Made it to third bracket! Hot Damn!

Well, no round 4 for me, but I'm super happy to have made it as far as I did, but also a bit sad I won't be spending that cb2 $!

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October 14, 2008

Next Projects

After finishing the lounge chair, I'm feeling more confident about some other pieces I've collected that need some work. I'm posting the "before" pics as motivation to get going.

1. Wood Turquoise Vinyl Chair - needs wood refinished and new seat cover.
2. Teak (I think?) End Table/Magazine Rack - someone wrote on it with sharpie - needs refinishing.
3. Pair of Danish Looking Dining Chairs - needs cleaning/refinishing and new seat covers.

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October 9, 2008

KIOSK: Goodies to Buy!

Amazing internet shopping goodies! KIOSK has a pretty amazing collection of useful, unusual items from around the world including this bike basket net (my friend Momo brags about owning one of these constantly) pretty wire organizing wall clips, red cot, and something called a "calm ram".

Seriously worth browsing.

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October 8, 2008

Eames Lounge Upholstery Project: DONE!


Lessons Learned:

1. Staple Guns - get an electric one!

2. Custom Buttons - best left to the professionals until I learn a home made technique.

3. Foam - While re-using the original foam and adding new foam on top saved money, it resulted in some lumps. Next time, all new foam.

4. Sanding - Start with 80 grit, not 120 or you'll be there all day.

5. Staining - let the stain penetrate a few minutes before wiping, I was too eager and had to add another coat.

Chair $52.00
Ottoman $50.00
Designtex Vinyl $148.62
Stain $8.87
Polycrylic $14.24
Sandpaper $16.83
Buttons $40.00
Brushes $11.94
Foam $18.00
TOTAL $360.50

Disassembly 2hrs.
Sanding 1hr.
Sanding 2hrs.
Sanding/Staining 3hrs.
Upholstery 3.5hrs.
Upholstery 2hrs.
Upholstery/Re-assembly 6hrs.
TOTAL 19.5 hours

Hopefully, this can serve as a guide to anyone else who finds one of these chairs in rough shape, please email me with questions, I'm happy to offer tips and advice!

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Eames Lounge Upholstery Project

After stapling the buttons in place, I worked my way around the form, tugging and stapling.

Next I trimmed off any excess vinyl.

Welting! I held the welting in place with the stitching at the edge of the plywood, and stapled, pulling a tiny bit as I went along to keep the welting taught and smooth.

To finish the welting I trimmed the inside cord to match exactly, and use the extra vinyl on one end to fold over and hide the connection.

Next I used my scissors to trim the folds made from stapling around curves to remove the excess bulk.

On the second section, I wanted to feel more confident that I would get the buttons to be level and centered. I tied a piece of twine around the section lining it up with the holes on the back, and used the measuring tape to mark the correct positions.

Once all four sections were upholstered, I painted the armrests, and upholstered the tops, being sure to mark the screw holes so I could cut the excess vinyl around them.

Some metal polish on the bases - it's hard to photograph, but the polish really helped with the rust and pitting - they're nice and shiny!!!!!

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October 7, 2008

Inspiration: 1982 Blumcraft Railing Catalogue

So I have big news - the chair is finished!! Woo! I will be posting the final steps and finish photos later this week.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this Blumcraft of Pittsburgh Railing Catalogue that I nabbed from the recycling pile at an architecture firm I worked for in Vermont in 2000. It's hands down one of the most beautiful product catalogs I've ever seen.

I love that successful graphic design can elevate the mundane, that in the right hands even a catalog for railings becomes something to treasure. It's unbelievably clear and presents a ton of technical information clearly and precisely. It was difficult to only scan 9 pages, the whole catalog is perfectly done!

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October 1, 2008

Inspiration: Interior Handmade Book Vol. 2

While reading this post on Apartment Therapy, I knew I had seen an easy and elegant way to make a bed canopy somewhere before. It was driving me a bit crazy, but I finally found it in a Japanese DIY project book that Momo had given me a few years ago.

I was really happy to read through it again and be inspired by the rustic modern charm of some of the projects, as well as the photography - the spaces shown look so warm and inviting, yet not overly styled!

I really want to make the book/magazine wall display out of 2x4's!!

***If you click on the images - you can better see the instructions, they are in Japanese, but are fairly self explanatory!

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