February 2, 2009

The Small Things

Over the summer I picked up a used dresser at a thrift store for $20 - it was a blond colored laminate/wood mix, with some nicks & dings, but it had great lines, so I picked it up. I painted the whole thing in semi-gloss white, and spray painted the existing hardware yellow because it was the only spray paint I had in the house at the time.

The small yellow handles always bothered me a bit and at IKEA on Saturday, I bought 3 sets of ANNARS handles in white. These handles are genius because they cover any existing holes! The original handles were very narrow, and I knew it would be tough to find new ones that I liked which were the same size.

So I removed the old handles, measured for new holes, and drilled. I used some leftover spackle to fill the old holes, let it dry, then sanded and a quick coat of paint, and attached the new ones! It took me maybe 40 minutes with drying time.

The look so sleek and crisp! I also found some small white round knobs to match at IKEA, and I love the look of the entire dresser being white. Sometimes the smallest change makes a huge difference!

The ANNARS also come in red, and in a narrower, knob style. They are solid and heavy - with a nice shiny powdercoat.

Sorry for the crappy pics - nighttime shots....

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