March 2, 2009

My Weekend Project: Two More Chairs!

I spent the weekend recovering these 2 steel vintage office chairs from the 60s. The swivel chair is marked "Harter" and the standard chair is marked "Package Machinery Company" with a number. It has the classic steelcase lines, but I can't be sure. I'm delightfully happy with how the crisp white vinyl contrasts against the worn steel.

What's frustrating is the sad vinyl color choices that JoAnn's has - dull, dreary browns, navy, and muddy oranges and reds. I need to spend more time hunting down other vinyl sources - I can order the really good pricey stuff from work, but I'd like something in between.

First I removed the seats, backs and arms (super easy, these chairs are made to come apart, just a few screws!) then I scrubbed them down with rags and warm water with a little anti-bacterial cleaner, and waxed the frames with paste wax to polish, shine, and protect the aged areas. For the upholstery, I used the existing pieces to mark and cut new backs and arm sections. I kept the original foam as it was in good shape, and stapled the new vinyl in place. The swivel seat was a bit more tricky, as folding the corners would have looked messy - I used my sewing machine to make simple boxed corners for a neater appearance. Re-assembly was a snap!

Cost: $5 per chair, and $30 on vinyl!

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