March 4, 2009

Your Rail-y Got Me

The process of cleaning up and organizing my work room has forced me to get rid of a lot of useless items, and to cleverly organize. One dilemma was where to keep my rolls of wrapping paper and other long, tubular items - I had been keeping them in a waste can on the floor, but I want to keep things off of the floor as much as possible.


In my bedroom I had been using 2 Ikea BYGEL rails to store and display my bags and purses, but I decided to take it down as it was too cluttery looking... but mounted on the wall over the chair rail, the rail is a perfect place to store rolls and other long awkward things!

The only limitation is the depth of the rail, the BYGEL sticks out 2 inches, so that limits the diameter of the rolls, but something like the Ikea PERISKOP mounted over the Ikea STRIPA both at 31" wide and about 3" deep would achieve the same effect.

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