April 7, 2009

Movie Home: Brainstorm 1983

One of the perks of visiting my Dad in upstate NY is Big Lots - a shopping guilty pleasure of mine. The $3 DVD bin coughed up this treasure from my childhood: Brainstorm

I'm fairly sure this movie didn't do that well at the time, but I remember watching it whenever it was on, and I swear to god - it was because I was fascinated with their house - it had a pool....INDOORS! right next to the LIVING ROOM!

I was so jealous! There are less shots of the house than I remember (or imagined), but the pool has stuck with me - honestly, if I was designing my own house, I would try to do this. So Awesome.

The other shots are of the "futuristic" lab building that super genius Christopher Walken works in.

Also interesting - this was Natalie Woods last movie before she died.

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