April 29, 2009

Newfangle Oldfangle

I've never been much of a clothes person, I just have never really had the knack, honestly. I do however, think about trying to dress a bit more nattily. someday.

I'm not interested in fashion blogs that are focused on the runways, couture, trends, or on the fringe fashion folks, but I'm really getting into these few blogs - mostly crafted around an appreciation for authentic personal styles. Really great reads, with links to plenty more out there.

I read a lot of design/decor blogs, and it's refreshing to get inspired by clothing - a lot of what I see on these blogs is what I want my home to feel like, if that makes any sense...

(apologies to the blog owners for such a half-assed description) O! and thanks to D for pointing me to A Continuous Lean!

A Continuous Lean

Archival Clothing


Backyard Bill

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