April 15, 2009

On Unpluggd

I almost missed this - my living room was part of an Unplggd post in using Ikea PS cabinets as media centers.

One of the commenters stated "My problem with the PS is that, for a media center, how do you use it with the components and remotes? Theoretically it could "go" through the vents, but it definitely does not work that way. My friend has the PS and just has to keep the doors open when she's watching TV."

I open the right side door when watching TV, and the left side is DVD storage and the Wii. I've never minded opening and closing the doors - I dislike looking at the ugly black components inside, it's such a cleaner look to able to hide the equipment and wires.

Read it here: Apartment Therapy Unplggd: Ikea PS Hunting, Part Two

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