May 6, 2009

Furniture Finishing at the Eliot School: Class 1 & 2

Remember these? These are the two chairs that my landlord gave me, they were sitting out on the front porch and starting to look pretty sad. They've been hiding in my back storage room until now! My friend and I signed up for the Furniture finishing class at the Eliot School.

Class 1: Repair

The chairs were in decent shape, but loose and wobbly. I took them apart, and re-glued and clamped the joints. The backs were a bitch to get off -turns out they were held on my nuts and bolts hidden behind wood pegs! Unfortunately this discovery came at the cost of one of the round "spots" on the front, but the instructor is going to help me make a new one. I also discovered that the chairs are marked "Yugoslavia" so they are knock offs - pretty, solid walnut ones, at least!!

Class 2: Stripping

Stripping is easier than I had imagined, glop on the Citrus stripper with a paint brush, wait 30 minutes, scrub off with #2 steel wool. Then splash on denatured alcohol, scrub with #0000 steel wool and wipe with a clean rag. (I must admit that these chairs had a minimum amount of finish, some of my classmates were using putty knives to scrape through a lot of thick finish.) Now they look clean and pale!

Next step - Sanding! I'm so excited I finally got around to doing this, I'm finally going to learn the right way to restore furniture. I talked with the instructor, and I'm going to do a period appropriate oil finish. I'm also planning of recycling leather coats for the seat covering.

Psst....aren't these G10 images amazing?????

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