June 19, 2009

Friday Inspiration: 50s Kitchen Done Right

I love late mid century, sleek, danish inspired, minimalist design - EXCEPT - in the kitchen. The fondest kitchen memories I have are in homey, cozy, clutter filled, cheery leftover kitchens. The kind most people rip out to put in matching stainless steel and granite. Gotta have that hideous granite!

I'm also usually not a fan of "retro" remodels, where people try for that clich├ęd "diner" look. It's always pink and blue, and poorly made replicas of things that would not have actually been in anyone's home. Terrible!

So I surprised myself by really digging this kitchen from Berkshire Living Home + Garden magazine - they really got it just right, and avoided the cheesy mistakes most people make trying to get a look like this. The owners sourced vintage cabinets, appliances and fixtures, and carefully mixed in modern materials.

THE BRICK HOUSE clued me in that this is Pam's kitchen from the Retro Renovation blog .... and has been featured on many other blogs and publications, turns out I'm pretty late to the party, ha ha ha!

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