June 24, 2009

Furniture Finishing at the Eliot School

So I haven't been remembering to bring my camera to finishing class, but here are some shots of the bent wood chair. Since it had been refinished before, but had a lot of leftover paint and a mystery clear coat, I had to use a heavy duty, toxic stripper. Which I promptly donated to the school because I never want to use it again - it smelled like dead things, and burned my skin! Nasty, nasty stuff - I'd rather sand. It did do the job, however, and got rid of almost all of the finishes. I did some sanding, but left a lot of the scratches and marks - evidence of it's previous lives. This is one coat of a basic brown stain, which came out lovely - next is a satin finish clear coat.

Sadly, I didn't find any evidence to date the chair - "Made in Poland" is stamped underneath, and "SEPT 22" is stamped one of of the bayonet braces. I was thinking though, that since it has been painted at least 3 times - if there ever was a paper label, it probably would have been removed. I am still convinced that this is an old chair - so many signs of wear and age.

Here's one of the before pics - quite a difference!

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