June 11, 2009

ReadyMade's Ready to be Read?

I used to love ReadyMade (2002-2004 ish) - it made me want to make stuff! I was just getting back into sewing and crafting and making art in general, and ReadyMade was a source of inspiration. I had a subscription for a while, then I let that lapse after moving, and would occasionally pick it up at bookstores, and then finally I just stopped being interested. Most of the projects seemed like too much effort and expense for too little result. I didn't want to make any of it - eek!

However, while cruising around the web, I read this post on ReadyMade's blog about four of the editors sitting down to "dream up a bright future for the magazine and then begin to hatch a plan for how to get there." Even though there seems to be some ire over the publisher's recent relocation of the magazine, I'm hopeful it might result in something even better? maybe?

Anyway, it's an interesting blog, and looking around in the online archives - I think I might spend some time seeing what I missed these last few years.

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