August 27, 2009

Patchwork Seat Chair Project

Progress made on my chair project - the seat is almost ready, I stapled the quilted cover and the batting on the seat base, but ran out of staples before I could finish with a piece of black cotton to hide the raw quilt edges underneath.

The chair has been stripped, and is waiting for a good sanding, then finishing. I love the look of the quilted seat, and once the chair is stained a dark, cool brow, it's going to look fantastic, and nice counterpoint to my mostly modern furniture.

I think I'm going to continue to experiment with quilting - it was way more fun than I thought it would be.

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August 20, 2009

Wrap it Up, I'll Take It

I recently had a photo shoot at work, and one of my favorite things is being responsible for making the flower arrangements - the day before I stopped at Winston's Flowers, Russo's and Whole Foods to pick up interesting cut flowers and greens. We keep a stockpile of simple glass vases in various sizes at the office, and I make the arrangements on-site as we go, depending on what we need.

Since the house we shot was a mix of traditional and modern, I wanted to do something different - I brought some twine and used it to wrap around the stems of the taller flowers, and around the vase of the smaller - I think it added some texture and interest.

I hardly ever have flowers in the house, but I do really miss making arrangements - I worked at a florist in college, and I had a lot of fun.

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August 18, 2009

Panel Molding

I'm having a housemate switch come Sept. 1, and it's a perfect excuse to make some changes - yeah! One of the first projects will be the bathroom - there's no exhaust fan, so the paint is peeling off of the ceiling and cracking on the walls. I'll be scraping, filling, and sanding and re-painting with semi-gloss, (thinking a gray/butter combo) as part of the problem is the matte paint my landlord used - plus the fact that he used red (I LOATHE RED PAINT) on top what I think were (shudder) plastic tiles, without really filling in the "grout" lines - so the bottom half of the wall is really a mess.

I also really want to add panel molding! The extension mirror collection is not quite doing what I want it too - unless I get say 10 more. I need to break up the long wall, and add some detail. I may or may not add the mirrors back - they may move next to the vanity, I'm not sure yet.

I don't have any designer images to show you what I mean - so far the best image Ihave is in this insulation ad - this is exactly what I'd like to to - but only above the weird chair rail in my bath. I love the rounded turned in corners, and I plan on painting the molding the same as the wall color.

I did some looking around the internet and HGTV has a basic tutorial and an example of a pretty unique horizontal installation.

I'm excited to get to home depot and price it out - I don't think it will be that much, however buying low VOC paint is going to be expensivo!

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August 17, 2009

May I Have Another?

A lovely new blog to read! please sir is another place to find inspiration and art, and design, and more!

"With a unique outlook on design, Diana has obtained degrees in textiles and art & design, and is well-trained in the art of flea-marketing. She has received multiple awards for her innovative design projects, and her work has been featured in several galleries. Born in New York, Diana now lives in North Carolina and works as a textile designer. She spends her free time discovering new inspiration, learning photography, traveling, and cruising flea-markets for the next vintage find."

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August 14, 2009

Steelcase Tanker Desk

So what is this jumble of c.1962 steel? It's my newest CL find - a single pedestal, black with gray formica top, Steelcase tanker desk. Disassembled of course. That's one of the reasons I love these desks so much - a few screws and bolts, and you can fit a 45x30 inch steel desk into a Honda Accord. But really, it's the industrial modern style and solid construction that gets me. It needs a good cleaning, and a coat of wax, and she'll be my new computer desk. Not that I'm neglecting my first tanker - the lovely sage green one from ebay - she's headed to my work room!

In honor of my new find, here are some images from the May 1999 issue of Martha Stewart Living highlighting metal furniture: (Courtesy of Past Present Future)

Some Flickr lovelies:

from tanker_desk, Lee Alex Decor

Some places to buy refurbished tankers and other industrial furniture
(check craigslist and ebay too!)
Twenty Gauge
Rehab Vintage
Past Present Future

A (well-reviewed and fair priced) Boston Area company that will electrostatically repaint these desks - and many other things!!
Fine Finish Shop

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August 13, 2009

Discotronic Bass Traction: Mystery Roar

Friends Mystery Roar are getting some more press, and are having a show tonight at the Enormous Room in Cambridge - I'll be there - so should you!!!!

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August 11, 2009

Reading List

Life gets busy and you almost miss things like being featured in a reading guide on Desire to Inspire! Sheesh! Thanks Kim & Jo!

Anyway - I'm in some good company on this list - check it out here!

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August 10, 2009

Patchwork Seat Chair & New Mirror

I'm making progress on the quilted chair cover! I sewed my diamonds into strips, and then the strips together to make the chevron pattern. As my first quilting experiment, I have to to say it was easier than I thought, once you get going, it's just repetition. Next step is making a fabric/batting sandwich and top stitching! Woo! I love the look of this piece, and maybe if I ever got enough time, a full size quilt would be spectacular!

I also scored this fantastic mirror from a random roadside yard sale - it's huge and heavy, and is going to look marvelous in the foyer - now I have to decide between refinishing it, leaving it as is with just a cleaning (rustic look) or a new fresh coat of paint. I'm really having trouble deciding - as far as I can tell it's not a priceless antique - in fact some of the decorative pieces have been broken off or glued back on.

Ooooh - Since I'm getting a fabulous new housemate in Sept - D - what do you think?

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August 7, 2009

Cut a Rug

Gah! Another week of no posts from me - but I have a good excuse! I somehow managed to get poison oak or ivy all over my forearms and some other places, so I have not been doing much of anything except trying not to scratch my skin off. I'm on steroids for it, and thankfully haven't had any roid rage yet....yet.

One of my design problems at home is my kitchen floor, living in a single family converted to a two family means I have some unusual wall placements, and unfortunately - hardwood throughout - I mean throughout, so no other flooring. Which is fine, except for the kitchen and bathroom - bad news. The floor in general need to be redone, they are trashed, but especially in these two rooms. The kitchen is big, and I had a cheapie indoor/outdoor plastic woven mat thing down, but it didn't really work out.

Ideally I'd love to have my landlord refinish them, or paint them! But that's just wishful thinking. What I'd also really like is something like a linoleum rug - a stain/water resistant colorful printed mat. I wish they still made these! I know I can get a piece of hideous and toxic vinyl flooring from the depot or something, but it's just not the same. Real linoleum is a natural product and these "rugs" were often printed with a border, avoiding the flooring scraps as floor look.

Secondhand Rose
has an amazing vintage collection.

Two lovely examples from Flickr:

From doublewinky's photostream

From *lalalaurie's photostream

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