August 7, 2009

Cut a Rug

Gah! Another week of no posts from me - but I have a good excuse! I somehow managed to get poison oak or ivy all over my forearms and some other places, so I have not been doing much of anything except trying not to scratch my skin off. I'm on steroids for it, and thankfully haven't had any roid rage yet....yet.

One of my design problems at home is my kitchen floor, living in a single family converted to a two family means I have some unusual wall placements, and unfortunately - hardwood throughout - I mean throughout, so no other flooring. Which is fine, except for the kitchen and bathroom - bad news. The floor in general need to be redone, they are trashed, but especially in these two rooms. The kitchen is big, and I had a cheapie indoor/outdoor plastic woven mat thing down, but it didn't really work out.

Ideally I'd love to have my landlord refinish them, or paint them! But that's just wishful thinking. What I'd also really like is something like a linoleum rug - a stain/water resistant colorful printed mat. I wish they still made these! I know I can get a piece of hideous and toxic vinyl flooring from the depot or something, but it's just not the same. Real linoleum is a natural product and these "rugs" were often printed with a border, avoiding the flooring scraps as floor look.

Secondhand Rose
has an amazing vintage collection.

Two lovely examples from Flickr:

From doublewinky's photostream

From *lalalaurie's photostream

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