August 18, 2009

Panel Molding

I'm having a housemate switch come Sept. 1, and it's a perfect excuse to make some changes - yeah! One of the first projects will be the bathroom - there's no exhaust fan, so the paint is peeling off of the ceiling and cracking on the walls. I'll be scraping, filling, and sanding and re-painting with semi-gloss, (thinking a gray/butter combo) as part of the problem is the matte paint my landlord used - plus the fact that he used red (I LOATHE RED PAINT) on top what I think were (shudder) plastic tiles, without really filling in the "grout" lines - so the bottom half of the wall is really a mess.

I also really want to add panel molding! The extension mirror collection is not quite doing what I want it too - unless I get say 10 more. I need to break up the long wall, and add some detail. I may or may not add the mirrors back - they may move next to the vanity, I'm not sure yet.

I don't have any designer images to show you what I mean - so far the best image Ihave is in this insulation ad - this is exactly what I'd like to to - but only above the weird chair rail in my bath. I love the rounded turned in corners, and I plan on painting the molding the same as the wall color.

I did some looking around the internet and HGTV has a basic tutorial and an example of a pretty unique horizontal installation.

I'm excited to get to home depot and price it out - I don't think it will be that much, however buying low VOC paint is going to be expensivo!

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