August 14, 2009

Steelcase Tanker Desk

So what is this jumble of c.1962 steel? It's my newest CL find - a single pedestal, black with gray formica top, Steelcase tanker desk. Disassembled of course. That's one of the reasons I love these desks so much - a few screws and bolts, and you can fit a 45x30 inch steel desk into a Honda Accord. But really, it's the industrial modern style and solid construction that gets me. It needs a good cleaning, and a coat of wax, and she'll be my new computer desk. Not that I'm neglecting my first tanker - the lovely sage green one from ebay - she's headed to my work room!

In honor of my new find, here are some images from the May 1999 issue of Martha Stewart Living highlighting metal furniture: (Courtesy of Past Present Future)

Some Flickr lovelies:

from tanker_desk, Lee Alex Decor

Some places to buy refurbished tankers and other industrial furniture
(check craigslist and ebay too!)
Twenty Gauge
Rehab Vintage
Past Present Future

A (well-reviewed and fair priced) Boston Area company that will electrostatically repaint these desks - and many other things!!
Fine Finish Shop

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