August 10, 2009

Patchwork Seat Chair & New Mirror

I'm making progress on the quilted chair cover! I sewed my diamonds into strips, and then the strips together to make the chevron pattern. As my first quilting experiment, I have to to say it was easier than I thought, once you get going, it's just repetition. Next step is making a fabric/batting sandwich and top stitching! Woo! I love the look of this piece, and maybe if I ever got enough time, a full size quilt would be spectacular!

I also scored this fantastic mirror from a random roadside yard sale - it's huge and heavy, and is going to look marvelous in the foyer - now I have to decide between refinishing it, leaving it as is with just a cleaning (rustic look) or a new fresh coat of paint. I'm really having trouble deciding - as far as I can tell it's not a priceless antique - in fact some of the decorative pieces have been broken off or glued back on.

Ooooh - Since I'm getting a fabulous new housemate in Sept - D - what do you think?

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