September 24, 2009

Amped for my new Lamps!

I've had these two thrift store find lamps hidden in my closet for over a year, waiting to find the perfect pair of authentic vintage 60s lampshades. Having a new housemate means making changes, so I broke down and just ordered new shades, and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner!! A really nice change from the atomic style 50s lamps I had before.

Both lamps have a white ceramic base and wood neck, but have unique shapes, making them a semi-matched pair, I love how the matching shades unify them, but it's more interesting to have them be individuals.

I got the shades from Lamps Plus - $29.99 each. These were the cheapest pair of drum shades (with spider fittings) I could find, and the quality is great - nice neutral color, and natural linen texture, plus they sent free harps.

If you have lamps with uno Fittings - I recommend these $19 drum shades from Target - I mistakenly ordered them first, and they looked great, but wouldn't fit the lamps.

(link to lamp fittings information)

PBTeen also has some fun shades on sale, though they can be too cutesy maybe? Restoration Hardware is also having a sale on their silk drum shades, but I wanted more of a rough texture.

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