October 2, 2009

Bathroom Progress

I really wish this had photographed better, it's super nice in person - the new paint color is really a lovely shade of slightly warm gray, which looks great against the white trim. anyway, here we are after 4 days of scraping, priming and painting!

We also added a new rug - "Fez" from Flor - I used a dinner plate as a template to round the corners for a more finished look. WHAT a difference! It feels great underfoot the color is so light and fresh. I'm a tad nervous about an almost white carpet (my first!) - but I'm hopeful it will stay clean, plus Flor tiles are super durable.

Next up are some decorative touches and the window shelf. And when I am really bored some weekend, a sand and stain/poly on the beat up wood floor!

D said I need to add a before image to show how HUGE the change is:

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