October 15, 2009

New Additons

New fabulous additions to the apt - a vinatge Simplex School Clock and a Brass Reading Lamp. Thank you - ebay and craigslist!

I previously had a GE clock in the same spot, but it sadly started to not keep time, and finally died. After many missed auctions on ebay (I'm constantly adding items to my watch list, intending to bid on them, and then..not) I found this baby as a buy it now - and I bought! It's huge and yellowed from age, and just really gorgeous. Plus, I was getting sick of instinctively looking at that empty space on the wall for the time.

Since it has a black cord, I used a piece of "cord covering thing" (I can't find it on the website) from Ikea - it's white and adheres to the wall with double stick tape and has a rubber channel that you push the cord into. It looks more pronounced in these images, but in person, it blends with the wall, and has a neat and trim look.

These clocks are all over ebay - search via school clock, slave clock, simplex clock, IBM clock, GE clock....

The floor lamp is exactly what I've been looking for, we needed a lamp to read by when sitting in the Selig - and I wanted something chrome or brass, with a goose neck or adjustable neck, and NO shade. $15 bucks later, this is what I got.

More expensive versions can be had at Restoration Hardware, Light Trends, circa lighting, and both high and low are on ebay - search Koch & Lowy or Casella. cb2 also had a version of this, but I don't see it on the website?

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