October 29, 2009

Wonderful Window Shelves

I finally got these done (well almost done - more coats of paint needed) and they came out great! I made two - one for the kitchen, and one for the bathroom. I decided to go with one shelf, to allow more light in and open up the view. I love that they look so custom, with the curved edges and inset notch to fit perfectly around the window. I need to take a detail shot.....

Here's my basic pattern, using 2 pieces of $5 (1 x 8 (actual dimensions 3/4 in × 7 1/4) lumber from Home Depot and white EKBY STÖDIS ($.99) shelf brackets from Ikea, painted with a water based latex enamel. Cuts were made with my jigsaw, and then sanded with my "mouse" hand sander.

Cheap and easy!

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