November 30, 2009

Hardwoord Floor Finish Fix

There are many, many things I love about my apt - the location, cool landlord, good layout, high ceilings, two floors, storage space, freedom to paint, etc, etc. The one thing that I hate? The floors - they're the original hardwood floors, which would be great except that they have NEVER been taken care of! water stains, scratches, and areas where the finish has just worn off - leaving raw wood! The kitchen was really the worst, and the most visible!!

My landlord won't get them refinished until we move out (which I understand, but bummer!) so I tried getting indoor/outdoor mats to try to hide the ugliness in the kitchen, but they never looked good and slid around, and I though about installing some kind of floating floor.....but sometimes the best solution is the simplest (and cheapest).

I urethaned them. EEEEEK! Before I get comments about how what I did was not the "proper" way, yadda yadda, I am fully aware this is not the proper way to treat wood floors. I decided that since they are so far gone, my landlord is going to have to have a professional crew come in and do some major fixing, so the hair thin layer of finish I added wasn't going to do any harm.

Day one: I scrubbed the floor with hot water and vinegar, following with a dry rag to pick up as much moisture as I could (kind of a wax on, wax off thing). Day two: Two hand applied coats of oil based urethane satin finish topcoat, left over from my furniture refinishing projects.

WHAT a difference!!! This floor is never going to look "good" in the traditional sense, but boy does it look BETTER! it's protected from further harm, at least for a few years.

(gray areas are raw wood!)


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Thanksgiving Table

I decided to stay in Boston this year and celebrate Thanksgiving with friends! We hosted at our apt - and I set up the table in our living room - who wants to eat in the the kitchen when you've just made a HUGE mess?? ha ha. I wanted to share my table setting, because I think it came out super cute - I love mixing patterns and bright colors!

Momo took a photo after we laid out the food - looks yummy, no? (I completely stole this pic off of her blog - sorry!)

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November 24, 2009

Red Jet Internet

Before I check out for the holiday - here are some new destinations on the internet!

My apt as home inspiration on Jenn Ski's studio blog, yay! An awesome illustrator and blogger, I must say - another to my read list.

How did I miss this one - BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW - good design with a heavy sprinling of...certain colors.

And another! Grey - I'm starting to get into reading more blogs with fashion mixed in - take a break from the usual suspects.

New blog run by some friends of mine - BOSTAWESOME - FREE events in the Boston area, lots or art, food, music.....stuff for people cooler than me.

Free Fonts that don't suck, Toot! Toot! Font Squirrel. (See D they are smarter - you don't see Dolphins doling out fonty goodness)

Plywerk - An easier way to frame? Artwork mounted on sustainable panels - I'm curious about this one, need to try.

Recyclart - an inspiration site for good products that are made from re-cycling, re-using, and up-cycling. Some really fun stuff here - Thanks for the link Joe!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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November 20, 2009

Stylist Me!

I mentioned a few posts back that I got to try my hand at being a stylist - well, I can finally share the project! I had the chance to be the stylist for the Fall 2010 Saucony Originals catalog! Woo!

I'm exceeding lucky to have a great group of creative friends who like to share work with each other, all of us throwing work to each other when we can. So special thanks to Momo for recommending me as a stylist, and to Darryl for agreeing! Momo Shinzawa is my fantastic photographer friend that I often blog about, and Darryl Norsen is a Graphic Designer for Saucony.

We had a full day shoot at my house and locations around my neighborhood, Jamaica Plain. Prior to the shoot, I met with Momo and the Darryl to plan a shotlist and discuss the theme of the shoot. We based the shoot on a "day in the life" idea, with curated vignettes for each shoe model, and some additional atmosphere shots.

I love the finished catalog, and am super happy to have participated. Here are a few pages from the catalog:

UPDATE! Ooops - I wasn't supposed to post the catalog! The new shoes are still top secret! I have been given permission to post the lifestyle shots, though.

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November 17, 2009

Living & More Magazine

One of my dear friends recently went to Zurich to visit family, and brought me back some goodies! Specifically magazines and design catalogs (and a Muji CD player)! I have a lot of scanning to do - here are some tasty images from the German magazine "Living & More" Nov. 09 issue. I'm in love with the homey, comfortable design and use of white wall with colorful furniture and accents.

Thank you so much for my goodies, Mo and Nem!!!!!!

Oooooh, I keep thinking about ordering a Stendig Calendar, but I'm just not sure where to put it. Looks so awesome against the wood walls.....

I'm really digging the idea of a task lamp in the kitchen - especially a small one - direct the light exactly where you need it!


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November 16, 2009

Blog Back: Modish & BackGarage

I love you Google Alerts - ferreting out RJW on the internet!

My sewing area on Modish, which is one of my usual reads when I need a crafty kick to the head. I love seeing other folks' work areas, so I'm really honored!

I did want to share the newest image, though - the desk and shelves have changed sides - they're now on opposite sides of the room and I replaced the ikea table with my green tanker desk.

Our entry hall on BackGarage
- a new additon to my reading roster! Self described as “Like Apartment Therapy for the Great Depression” with tons of CL tips and finds, DIY, shopping finds, goodies and more. Oh yeah, and an Etsy store to blow your dough!

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November 6, 2009

Inspiration Friday: Wallpapered Ceilings

One of the perks of working in an architecture/interiors design firm is the copious amounts of magazines! One of my new favorites is the This Old House magazine, tons of useful how-to's and resources.

Inspired by this image of a wallpaper ceiling in the July/August 2009 issue, I did some Flickr hunting!

Blatantly stolen without permission from the following Flickr users: Sterin, Stephanie: folkMODERN, mazers, masminto354, Jenny J, acechick, and leftantler.

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November 3, 2009

Halloween Happenings

My landlord loves Halloween, and since I moved in, has made some.....interesting spooky setups for our front porch. (skeleton on a bicycle, skeleton on a motorcycle) This year we had a skeleton on a toilet, and a ghoulish dummy flanked by a devilish skeleton.

The dummy's head spun around via a button hidden behind a curtain, which was great for some scares! (We made at least 2 toddlers cry! Woo!) I also made the "garland" hanging from the porch ceiling - I picked up some lace curtains from the thrift store and cut them into strips, them sewed them all together onto heavy white ribbon - they were great blowing in the breeze - next year I'd like to make something with black lace!!

Instead of a full costume, I decided to make us masks - I used this project from Martha Stewart as inspiration, but altered it a bit - smaller, distinctive beaks, and I could only find simple 99 cent masks. I wanted them to look like crows, so I used black and grey streamers. They came out pretty cute for being made an hour before showtime! And only $7 in materials!

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